Historia TEB Akademia

1994 - the beginning

TEB Education Corporation founded, its first objective to breate the Poznan School of Banking. A permit granted by the Ministry of National Education in August 1994 allows the School to start admissions. In its premiere year, the School offers first-cycle (Bachelor's) programs in Finanse and Banking.


1995 - postgraduate courses

TEB Education Corporation acquires its first valuable experience ith lifelong education: the Poznan School of Banking commences delivery of postgraduate vocational courses.


1996 - first EU-funded projects

8 years prior to Poland's accession to the European union, one of the TEB-owned higher education institutions initiates cooperation within EU-sponsored projects. In consultation with the Helsinki School of Economics, the Poznan School of Banking embarks on a project "Teaching Economists for Polish Economy Joining Europe" financed under the TEMPUS-PHARE program.


1997 - new laws, new plans

In July, the Parliament adopts a new law on higher professional education. On a through analysis of the new regulation, TEB experts get to work aond soon file applications for permission to establish further Schools of Banking.


1998 - territorial expansion

Four new institutuins of higher education founded within a year - these were the achievements of the fourth year in TEB's history. The year 1998 was marked by the establishment of three Schools of Banking: in Gdansk, torun and Wroclaw. In addition, in Chorzow was set up a second faculty of the Poznan Schools of Banking. Notably, the Torun School of Banking was the first non-state institution of higher education ever to be opened in this historical city.


1999 - investment in teaching facilities

As enrolment picks up, the newly established Schools have to prepare for more. Aware of the need for infrastructural investments, TEB purchases and renovates an office building in the center of Torun to house the Torun School of Banking. Soon TEB makes substantial investments in the teaching facilities of the other Schools. In August, the Poznan School of Banking becomes the first among the WSB Schools authorized to provide second-cycle (Master's) programs.


2000 - new business programs

This year was particulary memorable for managers interested in the WSB Schools of Banking. The Poznan School of Banking inaugurates an Executive MBA program in partnership with the Helsinki School of Economics, and receives licence to deliver first-cycle study programs in Management and Marketing.


2001 - orientation on the job market

In 2001, all of the TEB-founded schools of higher education open Careers Offices. Owing to agreements and cooperation with employers countrywide, they can provide students with career opportunites in any part of Poland.


2002 - student in focus

In 2002, the Schools of Banking work closely with TEB Education Corporation to offer an innovative program known as "The Very Important Student". under the program, each student can earn an exemption from the tuition fee and study for free, obtain assistance in finding a relevant job, or use the so called WSB Passport to transfer to another School at any time, at no cost and wihout any paperwork involved.


2003 - beyond business studies

This was one of the most significant years in the ongoing expansion of the WSB Schools of Banking: for the first time, the Schools reached beyond economics and business-related studies to embrace Information Technology.


2004 - international recognition

The Executive MBA program tun by the Poznan School of Banking - the oldest TEB-founded higher education institution - in cooperation with the Helsinki School of Economics is awarded the accreditation of the Association of MBAs. It is thus recognized as world-class among this type of programs.


2005 - for Poland and for Europe

In less than a year following Poland's accession to the EU, the TEB-owned Schools of Banking become important and valued partners in human resources development programs.


2006 - drive for academic and business development

In 2006, TEB-owned institutions of higher education are awarded new important accreditations and permits: the Schools of Banking in Torun, Wroclaw and Gdansk obtain licenses to provide second-cycle (Master's) programs. The first academic enterprise incubators are set up in this year, too.


2007 - entering Opole and Bydgoszcz

In 2007, two new locations are added to the map of TEB's geographical coverage. The Wroclaw School of Banking opens a faculty in Opole, while the Torun School of Banking inaugurates a faculty in Bydgoszcz.


2008 - entering Szczecin

The Poznan School of Banking sets up a faculty in Szczecin, in this way expanding to a third location besides Poznan and Chorzow.


2009 - today

At the moment, TEB-owned institutions of higher education operate in 8 locations throughout Poland. They provide first- and second-cycle programs, MBA programs and a rich of postgraduate courses. Untiol now, a total of above 60.000 students have entrusted their education to the Schools. The WSB Schools deliver study programs in such fields as: Finance and Accounting, Management, Logistics, International Relations, European Studies, Information Technology and Econometrics, Political Science, Administration, and many more.

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