If a goal without a plan is a mere wish, then what is an organization without people? TEB Akademia
has a goal and a plan, and it has the people. Our mission is pursued on an everyday basis by more than
70 people in 8 divisions across Poland: in Gdansk, Szczecin, Torun, Bydgoszcz, Poznan, Wroclaw, Opole and Chorzow.

They share a common goal and look to the same vision ahead of them. It is a team of professionals
in such fields as

  • management
  • finance
  • analysis and strategy
  • international cooperation
  • academic collaboration
  • EU funding
  • information and communication technologies
  • e-business
  • marketing and public relations

They know very well where they are going, and they know how to get there. They are committed to progress and look forward to new experiences. They are creative, effective and passionate.

With such people on board, any objective can be attained, any plan can be turned into a reality.

What is it, besides their place of work, that the founders of the Schools of Banking have in common? It is a team of enterprising, dedicated and creative people. The initiative which they once undertook commands special admiration, but it deserves special care and attention as well. Therefore, it has become the mission of TEB Akademia to build trust-based partnership relations between the founding organization and the higher education institutions.
Each of the Schools of Banking is headed by an accomplished manager with many-years’ experience, commitment and eagerness to take up new challenges. Such are the people and such are the attitudes that account for the Schools’ successful presence in the market and their sustained growth, fueled by the experience and ingenuity of personnel and supported by the best organizational practices developed within the Group.
These activities are supported by TEB Akademia staff - a highly-qualified team working within a creative environment. What we see is the emergence of a group of professional managers in academic education.

Paweł Zygarłowski

As the founding organization of all the Schools of Banking in the WSB Group, Higher Education Development Center "TEB Akademia" actively contributes to the Group’s international partnership policy. Internationalization is among the pillars of the Schools’ position in their domestic higher education market. The WSB Schools maintain real, not purely formal, collaborative links with 100 institutions of higher learning from 25 countries worldwide. Among their international projects, they run successful MBA programs with American and Finnish partners, and are preparing to launch similar ventures with British partner universities.
Student exchanges and staff mobility, e.g. within the Erasmus program, have become a-matter-of-course at Schools that receive students from Germany, Spain, Holland, Turkey, Bulgaria, China or Armenia.
The WSB Schools regularly host American, British and Canadian visiting professors, and their recent achievements include the membership of the University of Cambridge in an international research consortium led by the Poznan School of Banking.

Maciej Kolasiński
Vice President, Director for Academic Development


"You can’t claim to be a great company unless you’re great at marketing", said Polly LaBarre. Integrated marketing communications, a strategic outlook and a professional team are just some of the ways in which the Schools of Banking seek to differentiate in the market. In Richard Dow’s words, "The 4 Ps of services marketing: people, people, people, people". TEB Akademia has been able to create an excellent team of individuals who approach work with enthusiasm. We choose the challenges we face, not the other way round, because this is what leaders do, even if the market does often add to the agenda. The establishment of a recognizable, well-reputed and prestigious brand, further network development, and continued improvement of the quality and competitiveness of our educational services - are the signposts for the years to come. Cooperation with the Schools of Banking brings us a lot of stimulating pleasure which compels us to become even more creative and efficient.

Piotr Lisiecki
Board Member, Director for Marketing and Network Development


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