Latest know-how, in-depth knowledge of the market and an understanding of customer behaviors
are requisite to making informed marketing decisions. For 10 years we have been tracking developments
and forecasting trends in Poland’s education market. We do a good deal of research. We employ advanced analytical tools and constantly refine our research methodologies. Survey findings are immediately
applied in planning and implementing our marketing strategies.

Occasionally, we want to share bits of our knowledge with society at large and we publish them in print.
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"For all of us in the team, analysis and strategy are a passion as much as work. A great variety of interesting trends and phenomena can be observed in Poland’s education market. Our work is exciting and involves a lot of responsibility, as we collect information that can largely help identify market threats and opportunities, thus enhancing the marketing activities of the WSB Schools of Banking."

Arkadiusz Kulig

Director for Marketing Analysis and Strategy


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