It is not surprising that the Tricity of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot is growing dynamically in almost any aspect. Its "open" geographical situation seems to be a metaphor of its people’s open minds and souls - open to other people as well as to the outer worlds delimited by the remote horizon. Could there be a better soil then
to nourish a higher education institution with international leanings? An institution such as the Gdansk School of Banking - a firm leader among business schools in the regional higher education market.

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  • The Group of Schools of Banking is growing bigger!

    On the map has appeared the ninth Polish School of Banking! WSB
    in Gdansk was licensed to open
    a new faculty in Gdynia.
    The School plans to start the academic year 2010/2011 launching Bachelor’s program in Economics
    with 10 attractive specialties.
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  • 15 years of tradition and experience

    15 years ago we established our first institution of higher education (HEI). We have continued to develop our HEIs ever since, at the same time expanding our Company and creating ample opportunities for our staff to expand their experience see more
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